Verity Gaming Network (“Verity”) is a dual-track enterprise with business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) offerings, both ultimately aimed at generating traffic and profit for our clients in the gaming/entertainment and gambling industries.

On the B2B side
Verity is a premier provider of eGaming platform technology, game content development and a full suite of operational and support services. Additionally, Verity can also provide content development services that allow clients to build their own games and/or audience-specific game variations. The current service list includes:

  • Verity eGaming Platform Solution
  • Game and Content Development
  • Turn Key Payment Solutions
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Player Support
  • Hosting & IT Operations
  • Web Development
  • Poker Network Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Player Acquisition Marketing
  • Affiliate Management
  • CRM and Loyalty Marketing
  • Business Intelligence

On the B2C side
of the enterprise, our strategy is to provide the consumer with a “portal” that they may use (for free) to access a wide variety of content, services and special offers all focused on one goal: providing those consumers with a resource dedicated to helping them locate quality online entertainment providers – operators with the safety, security and enjoyment of those consumers firmly placed as their top priority. Services made available to the consumer include:

  • A complete listing of “trusted/reliable” online gaming providers
  • A library of tutorials and/or lessons for a variety of games
  • User reviews of online game providers and their experiences with those sites
  • Marketplace news, podcasts, blogs and links to other feeds; promotions from online gaming providers within the network
  • Free-to-play games that build confidence in those less familiar with gaming

By taking this approach to the development of the enterprise, Verity’s management team believes that they can successfully:

A) Introduce products and services to business clients that wish to introduce iGaming options for their clientele, but do not have the technological or financial resources (not to mention the player liquidity) to do so on their own.

B) Create a destination site that allows the audience to have a nearly singular source for all information and access to the world of gaming/entertainment and gambling – a source that comes with validation of the content and links by the very audience that uses it.

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