Our approach to service is a result of extensive research and analysis of the current business models in the marketplace – as well as direct interviewing of operators and gaming enthusiasts on ideas for changes or enhancements that could result in increased satisfaction for all involved. Armed with that knowledge and insight, the team at Verity has developed a comprehensive service offering that allows clients to choose from a menu of services that can be tailored to unique needs and available resources. For clients requiring a turnkey solution, Verity can provide end-to-end services from initial site design, build and deployment to customer service, transaction support and maintenance.

eGaming Platform

Verity’s eGaming Platform has been made possible through the establishment of highly sought-after relationships with two of the most trusted and respected names in the gaming business – Shuffle Master and Ongame Network. Through this relationship, Verity has been able to harness the power of both the expertise and world-class technology of these two powerhouses while layering on an additional tier of software, services and support that create an unparalleled offering for clients looking to enter the eGaming arena. The solution offered to our clients is truly end-to-end: from development and deployment of a custom-branded site and apps to support in every aspect of the gaming experience from front to back office. With a modular approach to development, dedicated technology support and game play that spans all systems and devices, Verity is leading the industry in results-oriented platform services.

Game and Content Development

With team members hailing from some of the largest Web design, gaming and technology companies in the business, Verity represents a unique, custom-engagement resource pool that can help clients create brand-specific, audience-specific and culturally specific games and supplemental content. It has been said that “content is king” for years in the entertainment business – and the gaming and gambling space is certainly no different. In fact, with the number of competitors expected to try their hand at gaining a piece of the action, it is a near imperative that the savvy operator focused on success come up with new and innovative ways to differentiate themselves from the pack. Additionally, Verity also possesses unique game variations and proprietary Intellectual Property that will only be made available to Verity Gaming Network clients.

Payment Solutions

Verity’s payment solution provides our customers with the highest level of controls and security on both incoming and outgoing transactions, all while delivering a first class deposit & withdrawal service to players. Verity will provide integration and transactions with partners such as Visa, Mastercard, & Paypal, as well as managing bank transfers 24/7 and working with a group of approved payment providers. Verity’s payment team and systems have been developed to manage high volume processing and multi-currency transactions, providing our customers and their players with a level of service and confidence they should expect from a world class partner.

Fraud Prevention

Verity has developed fraud prevention systems that monitor and analyze every transaction and automatically alert or even block activity that is deemed to present a potential risk. Supported by Verity’s fraud prevention team, the system works to deliver a solution both accommodating and efficient for players while returning a level of chargeback’s amongst the lowest in the industry. Bottom Line: Verity’s fraud prevention systems and team protects our clients without inhibiting business.

Player Support

Verity player support provides 24/7 assistance via phone, live chat & eMail. Passionate about gaming, Verity’s support team provide expert advice and problem solving for players across all aspects of their Gaming experience. Additionally, the support team has been trained to cross-sell and up-sell to their customers to make them aware of all aspects of the gaming proposition and also maximise the players Life Time Value (LTV). Verity’s support team is dedicated to serving players, and to doing so in a proactive manner: one that develops relationships with players and enhances our customers’ brands.

Hosting & IT Operations

Verity is committed to providing customers with technological excellence, providing full or partial technology solutions based on the customers unique business needs.
Verity’s hosting options provide cutting-edge performance, delivering rich content in a stable environment designed to maximise the playing experience and customer’s reputation. Verity can manage all technical aspects necessary including hosting, databases, technical support, domain management and a full suite of security services including DDoS prevention.

Web Development

Verity possesses a full service Web development team dedicated to developing new, exciting and more enjoyable user experiences for our customers and their players. The team is made up of a diverse group of designers, developers and content creators who bring experience from a wide array of online industries – ensuring that the Verity player experience remains far superior to any other in the market. What’s more, in addition to the actual gaming environment, Verity recognizes that customers are building and supporting BRANDS. With this in mind, Verity also provides clients with custom design/creative engagements that allow user interfaces and site wrappers to reflect the unique personality and Brand values of the individual customer.

Poker Network Management

Verity’s in-house poker team manages all aspects of their clients’ poker proposition, working constantly to increase revenues, cement player loyalty and maximise player satisfaction. The poker team manages all in-game chat, monitors for collusion and analyzes player activity and trends to add new, relevant and exciting games, tournaments & satellites – keeping the Verity poker proposition in a state of constant evolution and advancement… and thus ahead of the competition.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an essential building block with the overall marketing mix and, as such, Verity has invested in developing an experienced and effective in-house team of SEO professionals who, combined with strategic relationships with key SEO agencies, ensure that Verity customers gain primary exposure within relevant, organic search rankings where ROI is greatest. Verity takes a long-term (i.e.: realistic) approach in regards to SEO, recognizing that the tangible effects evident within six months will provide compelling reason for our clients to continue their investment.

Player Acquisition Marketing

Verity has a player acquisition marketing team who can formulate and execute its customer’s acquisition strategy across all primary acquisition channels; Affiliate Marketing; Online Advertising; Email Marketing; Affinity Brand Marketing; Offline Advertising; PR; TV; Radio; Social Marketing and Sponsorship. Verity creates a unique acquisition strategy designed to meet the individual customer’s long-term objectives. This strategy is periodically reviewed and refined in collaboration with the client over the lifetime of the program.

Affiliate Management

Verity’s affiliate management system provides its customers with total control over all aspects of the affiliate relationship, including inventory, player communications and commissions. Verity provides an affiliate platform that offers a full management back-office for both the customer and the affiliate to empower both parties – thus enabling them to maximise exposure and revenue. Also, if desired by the customer, Verity also has its own in-house affiliate management team who can manage all elements of its customers affiliate strategy.

Key features of the Verity Affiliate Program:

  • Cutting edge back-office management tools with advanced media reporting
  • Real time analysis and optimisation tools for affiliates to manage their own campaigns
  • A wide range of commission structures including CPA, revenue share & hybrid structures
  • Reliable monthly payments & reporting
  • Affiliate and sub-affiliate commission structures
  • Multi-lingual materials and support

CRM/Loyalty Marketing

Verity CRM spans the breadth of the entire gaming proposition: from the point of entry and maximising user to player conversion, to facilitating player self-regulation so all players remain in control and understand that they are in a safe, trustworthy and regulated environment. Verity’s CRM systems provide its customers with a precise view of player activity, enabling players to be segmented so that propositions, loyalty campaigns and communications can be tailored to be engaging to each specific player segment, maximising player enjoyment, trust and loyalty. Verity’s CRM systems also facilitate up-selling, cross-selling, anti-churn and win-back strategies, maximising player Lifetime Value (LTV).

Verity CRM monitors player activity in real-time so that proactive communication via live-chat, SMS or telephone can be made to increase player activity or resolve player issues that would have otherwise resulted in increased player attrition. Intrinsic with Verity’s CRM systems is the player loyalty system that rewards players with points that can be redeemed for cash or prizes. The loyalty point’s structure can be tailored to meet any customer’s specific requirements.

Business Intelligence

Verity’s gaming systems are designed to provide customers with truly substantial business intelligence, enabling informed decisions to be made with the support of relevant insight. To that end, Verity business Intelligence provides its customers with a 360-degree view of all player and proposition performance along with sophisticated functionality such as propensity modelling. Verity business intelligence empowers its customers enabling them to shape their business and maximize market opportunity.

The Modular Offering

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